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Tree Removal

Peerless Turfcare are specialists in tree removal.  Our services includes the complete removal of trees, shrubs, or removal of dead wood. We also provide stump grinding services.

When trees and shrubs perish or are no longer desirable, Peerless Turfcare can remove them safely and effectively. Peerless Turfcare is fully licensed and insured to remove trees in high risk areas up to 40 feet.  In open areas, we can remove any size of tree. We also do work from bucket truck or lift where accessible.

In some cases trees are dangerous, old or sick or just not wanted in their current position on your property.   The tree care specialists at Peerless Turfcare are trained to examine your plantings and access the risk involved in removing them.

We provide FIRM quotations on all our work. This should give piece of mind that the job cost isn’t going to increase after completion!

Some trees are too big even for us to remove, so we have a referral service company who will provide you with a firm quotation for dangerous or really high tree removal jobs. Our referral company has never had complaints from clients.

Look for the International Society of Arborists or ISA symbol as a guide. A person with a Degree in Forestry or Certificate of Qualifications in Horticulture is great too.   Peerless Turfcare holds all three!

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