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Insect and Disease Control

Why do you need insect and disease control services for your valuable trees and shrubs?   In the last 10 years Emerald Ash Borer had decimated Green Ash trees all over southern Ontario. These pests could have been avoided, or held at bay, in trees that were treated.  If you are old enough, you may remember Dutch Elm Disease, that disease pathogen wiped out all the Elm trees in and up to the 1960’s. In some cases, Elm trees are coming back.  Why?   Simply because there are no more beetles that carry the disease.

Peerless Turfcare Staff can assess your valuable trees and shrubs for you and point out any insects or diseases that we can control.

When choosing the right professional for the job, look for the International Society of Arborists or ISA symbol as a guide. A person with a degree in Forestry or certificate of qualifications in Horticulture is great too.  Peerless Turfcare holds all three.

Insect and Disease controls

Plants once infested, will eventually succumb to their pests. It is our goal to provide a realistic expectation to our client and decide with our client whether to prolong life or remove the plant. This is based on many factors.

Tree Diseases

Diseases occur when a susceptible species, under the right conditions, secomes to a pathogen that has means to infest the host.  Many diseases are NOT controllable. Others require multiple treatments to get some control. Cost is on a Stop Charge + Product cost basis. Treatment is not guaranteed with disease controls. It is interesting to note, that pruning of trees is a good way to help avoid diseases.

Common diseases (like one shown) tar spots on Maple, aren’t controllable. Apple Scab on apple is controllable with multiple sprays.

Insect control

There are many insect pests and many different products. Your Peerless Turfcare technician can determine which is best for your plantings.

Cost is on a Stop Charge + Product cost basis.  Treatment guarantee is for 2 weeks on foliar sprays, because bugs come back and products photo degrade.  Acecap implants can be done every two years.   Because infestations are hard gauge precisely, we cannot guarantee perfect results.   Repeat applications are almost always required.

Emerald Ash Borer or Birch Leaf Miner are examples of insect pests that can be controlled by AceCaps.   Tent Caterpillar and Spruce Mites can be controlled by a Foliar spray issued in our insect and disease control services.

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