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An autumn tree made beautiful with tree care from Peerless Turfcare

Tree and Shrub Feeding

Promote the health and growth of your tree and shrub plantings by giving the fertilizing they need, at the best time of year.  By having Peerless inject fertilizers into the ground, in pressurized liquid, with our probe application tool, the health and vigor of all your plantings will be ensured.

This application is done in the FALL as it is best time when plants are picking up nutrients and storing them for spring start up. Soil moisture in fall is stable so products are less likely to be flushed out by water (rain), like the would be if applied in the spring.   Plants start up in spring with reserves from the previous fall.

A typical Fruit tree maintenance spray program might look like this:

  • Pruning in Spring
  • Dormant Oil / Lime Sulphur spray for Insects and Diseases
  • Insect and Disease spray early summer
  • Insect and Disease spray mid summer
  • Insect and Disease spray late summer
  • Dormant Oil / Lime Sulphur spray for Insects and Diseases
  • Fall Tree Feeding

You can trust the care of your trees and shrubs with Peerless Turfcare.   We make it our business to ensure your trees and shrubs look the best they can be.

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