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Tree And Shrub Care

Since 1993, Peerless Turfcare has looked after the Region of Waterloo’s trees and shrubs.  We take care of all your tree and shrub care needs. Forestry / International Society Arborist, Richard Maass, guides the staff in this process.   Whether it is pruning,  tree removal, or treating trees for bugs, Peerless Turfcare has the knowledge to do all that and more.

Why Use the Professionals at Peerless Turfcare?

A professional tree man, or Arborist, will have education and experience when it comes to dealing with trees and shrubs.

Things to consider in tree and shrub care.

Timing is crucial for some plants.   Fruit trees for example should only be pruned in late winter/ early spring.  Some flowering shrubs should be trimmed after they flower.   Peerless knows a good cut from a bad one and we are careful not to rip the bark. Some trees can be pruned by chainsaw where others need to be pruned by handsaw or loppers.

Pruning and/or Tree Removal Safety

Pruning trees and climbing them can be very dangerous to yourself and property.   Accidents can happen. Do you have the right insurance if something goes wrong?   Peerless Turfcare is insured for all perils are you?   Peerless Horticultural staff know all the ins and outs of all your trees and shrubs.

Trust Peerless Turfcare to do the job right.  Look for the International Society of Arborists or ISA symbol as a guide. A person with a Degree in Forestry or Certificate of Qualifications in Horticulture are great too.  Peerless Turfcare holds all three.

Don’t want to do it yourself, trust the professionals at Peerless Turfcare to do the job right.  Click here for a free, no-obligation quote.

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