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Lawn Care Residential

Residential Lawn Care Treatment Service

The hallmark of Peerless Turfcare has always been its Residential lawn care treatment service offerings.    We have built our business one client after the other with our dedication to helping you achieve the perfect lawn.    We provide personalized comments on each property, each time we visit it,  from certified technicians who truly care and take pride in their workmanship.   We make it our business to make sure you are informed, and comfortable with the services and the results you are receiving.


Residential lawn care treatment services can be as few as a client wishes, however most subscribe to our Seasonal Service Plans which are designed to cover the things most of our valued clients’ lawns require here in Region of Waterloo.

We always have room at add new clients to our routes.  Our quotations for lawn care treatment services are always free.  Ask us now for a free quote.   We can provide ballpark quotes over the phone but prefer a personal site visit to access the real needs of the property. We Do Not Telemarket to gain new clients.   Most of our clients come from word of mouth referrals from other happy clients.

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