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Peerless Turfcare, Soil Remediation

Soil Remediation

Soil remediation will correct issues in the soil such as salt or pH imbalances.  For example, moss can be a result of a pH imbalance.

The first step in soil remediation is testing of the soil.  A soil test determines whether the soil is organic, sandy, silt, claceous or loamy.  The second step is to take a pH soil test which determines if the soil is acidic or basic.  An additional soil test may be performed if it is determined you have a more specific problem.   Peerless Turfcare can take cores of the soil and send them externally to Nutrite for a more intense testing process.   The Nutrite Soil Test determines soil imbalances such as magnesium, potash, phosphorus, and iron deficiencies.  Note:  the Nutrite core test is an add-on chargeable service performed by the Peerless Turfcare experts on your behalf.

These are important tests that Peerless Turfcare performs because they give important information such as, which products are needed and the right rate to use.

Typical soil-imbalance practices:  

For salt issues, Peerless Turfcare will apply Gypsum, usually at a rate of 50 pounds per 1,000 square feet and up, depending on the severity of the issue. Gypsum binds up the sodium in salts allowing the calcium to be used by the grass. Gypsum is usually applied for salt issues in the fall.

For pH issues in soil,  Peerless Turfcare will use Dolomitic Lime.  A pH test must be done on the soil which will allow us to gauge how much lime is needed for the prospective area.  This agricultural product is usually applied at a rate of 40 lbs per 1,000 square feet to move the pH scale 1 point.  Dolomitic Lime can be applied anytime to “sweeten” the soil, however most clients have us apply it in the spring or early summer. Clients will see their lawn green up with the Dolomitic Lime application. Many lawns in Region of Waterloo are slightly acidic and Dolomitic Lime helps.

Iron (Fe) is a weed control product. In a high enough dose, it can kill unwanted moss. Peerless Turfcare will perform an observation test of the area and this will allow us to gauge how much Iron is needed for the prospective area in order to kill the moss. Peerless Turfcare will decide whether products will be spread on with a fertilizer spreader, or sprayed on, depending on the situation.

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