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What is Lawn Restoration?

Lawn restoration replaces deteriorated turf with new, improved and better adapting grasses. By seeding improved varieties into the existing lawn, the stand is improved without the inconvenience and greater cost of re-establishing a new lawn.

Advantages to Lawn Restoration

Reasonable Cost – Although the cost of renovation depends on the condition and size of your lawn, renovation is often the most cost effective procedure for long-term improvement. Ask us for a free quote.

Minimum Erosion – Since old turf remains in place, soil erosion is minimal.

Less Disruption – Since soil is not turned over, fewer rocks and weeds will be brought to the surface. Since new turf is protected by the old turf, light foot traffic can be supported on the area immediately following restoration.

Healthier Turf – With the elimination of weeds and undesirable grasses and the introduction of improved turfgrass species, as well as establishment of a stronger strand of grass, your newly renovated lawn will be healthier and more resistant to infestations of weeds, insects and diseases.

How is lawn restoration performed?

Peerless Turfcare uses only Blue label seeds . Our blends are by far the best seeds money can buy. We challenge anyone to find better people to buy seed from. Our Sun blend is 75% Bluegrass and 25% Perennial Rye grass. Our Super Shade blend is 45% Bluegrass, 25% Ryegrass and 30% fescue. We apply at rate of 6-8 lbs of seed per 1,000 sq feet.  At this heavy rate you are guaranteed results.

Lawns must be ready for seed. Weeds and invasive species must be removed via mechanical means or pesticides prior to seeding.    Once seed starts to grow, there can be no spraying for 6-8 weeks.

Slit Seeding: Establishes turf by verticutting the lawn and the machine drops seed into the slits. We make 3 passes over the lawn surface where ever possible. Slit seeding is priced by the area. Some radical slopes and hills cannot be slit seeded.

Top Dressing: Establishes seed with the spreading of seed and soil mixed together. We use only the finest soil money can buy from RM Adams Trucking- its called Twin City Mix.  Top dressing is priced by the cubic yard.

Overseeding: Helps to thicken lawns by adding new seed cultivars. This process is best done in fall. Seed is applied via a cyclone spreader.   This is the lowest cost of all the restoration methods.

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