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Peerless Turfcare – Lawn Aeration Services

Aeration is the best thing you can do for your lawn. Aeration removes small cores of soil which help to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil beneath the grass. Aeration also helps reduce thatch and relieves soil compaction which brings much needed nutrients to the roots of your grass.

Our Certified Technicians care about your lawn’s breathability

Our certified Technicians care about your lawn’s breathability and will let you know when aeration is necessary.   They can tell when it has dried out and has a spongy feel which means that you have a lot of thatch.   They know all of the common contributors to lawn fatigue, such as; heavy use (children and pets running around the yard), or if your lawn has soil layering or compaction which leads to poor root development.   You as a homeowner may not be able to tell if you need aeration but you can count on the expertise of Peerless Turfcare to ensure you have the healthiest lawn possible. When to Aerate Your Lawn

Typically, the best time for aeration is in early June when the soil is not too wet.   The grass will need time to fill in any open areas after soil plugs are removed.

Peerless Turfcare only uses the best tools for the job.

Many of our competitors use a spike aerator which merely pokes holes into the ground.  This method is not effective and can cause additional compaction in and around the holes.   At Peerless Turfcare, we only use the best tools for the job.   We use Ryan Lawnaire IV core aerator that actually removes a core or plug of grass and soil from the lawn allowing air, water and nutrients to get down to the roots of your grass.

It is a beneficial practice to aerate your lawn and will help tremendously to achieving a beautiful lawn.  Let Peerless Turfcare aerate your lawn and let it breathe again.

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