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Integrated Pest Management

We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM)  for a more sensible solution to property care.

By practising IPM/PHC (Integrated Pest Management and Plant Health Care), you can have a healthy lawn, shrubs and trees while protecting your health and the environment. You can also have water free of weeds.

IPM/PHC is a preventative program that uses current research and involves using the right tools at the right time and for the right reasons. IPM/PHC can only be delivered by certified professionals to naturally maintain the health of your property.

The provincial and municipal governments are encouraging all professional lawn care operators to switch to using IPM/PHC methods. It will soon be standard practise for the industry.

Peerless Turfcare has been working closely with these agencies and the University of Guelph Turfgrass Institute since 2000, to raise the industry standards to protect your health and the environment. Peerless Turfcare have always practised IPM/PHC methods, and as such, is already on the leading edge.

IPM advocates using the least amount of pesticides via improving the health and vigour of the turf or other plants.

Our IPM efforts can be easily sabotaged when clients or their cutting contractors do things which are not in keeping with IPM standards.  We are here to help and require full co-operation with all participants in your landscapes health and upkeep.  Failure to follow our guidance on cultural practices such as mowing and watering may result in less than desirable results and might also include Peerless Turfcare voiding our guarantee.

Since the introduction of the Ontario Provincial Pesticide Ban 2009 the time to follow best IPM practices have never been more necessary.  A thick healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds and insect pests.  In these dark days of “lower risk”* products, weed control especially is more time consuming and tedious to apply.  It is paramount that a minimum of 2.5-3” of final grass blade height is maintained.

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