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The Peerless Turfcare Guarantee!

Peerless Turfcare takes great pride in providing superior services for our clients.   We will keep coming back until the problem is fixed.

That’s not all…WE GUARANTEE IT!

See our Terms of Service and Our Guarantee below and trust that we will not only do the job, but we will do it right!

Our Guarantee

To treat every lawn as if it were our own! We try when possible to respond to our customers questions within 1 business day, either by phone, email or site visit. Customers can contact us by phone during normal business hours (10-3) Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri. at 519-746-7100 or [email protected]

Free site inspections will be provided at the customer’s request after 15 days from any application.

Clients on 3 or 4 visit programs, are offered 2 (TWO) no-charge resprays for lawn weeds with Fiesta in any calendar year. After two free visits all subsequent applications of Fiesta are chargeable on a cost recovery basis (time and materials).
Single applications ( one time only) visits including Fiesta are not guaranteed and all resprays are chargeable. Fiesta treats visible weeds. There is no residual effect and weeds germinating in subsequent days may require another treatment. This can go on as long as conditions for growing weeds are present.

Regarding grub grub control: all resprays are chargeable. Grub control must be watered within 5 hours of application.

Beautifully Decal Design On Lawn Care Truck For Peerless Turfcare.

Terms of Service

Peerless Turfcare guarantees a thick, healthier lawn provided industry guidelines on mowing and watering are as follows: A minimum cutting height of 3 inches of actual blade grass must be observed, or all guarantees are void (3.5 – 5 inches is most acceptable). Water must be applied at a rate of 1-2 inches per week, either by customer or rainfall or all guarantees are void. Peerless Turfcare will advise on exact rate based on soil type and current conditions. Verification of industry standards can be found by calling the Turfgrass Institute at the University of Guelph.

Peerless Turfcare or it’s employees will not be held responsible for any situations beyond their control. These situations include: drought, traffic damage, excess water, wind, rain, snow or damages arising from any aspect which is beyond immediate control such as weed, insect or animals. These natural interferences are not covered by the program.

Free resprays will be delivered as time permits. We reserve the right to insert regular applications in place of, or in addition to, or instead of a free service call.

Peerless Turfcare offers not guarantee on supply of landscape products such as soil, mulch, trees or shrubs.

Since elements beyond our control (weather conditions, poor watering, etc.) adversely affect lawn applications, Peerless Turfcare reserves the right to determine appropriate times for service and applications (6-10 week periods separate each application). Peerless guarantees that all applications will be done according to the conditions set out in the original quote.

Payment for services shall be rendered either in advance at a discounted rate, by postdate cheques in advance or not more than 20 days from the date shown on invoice. Interest will be charged and collected on accounts left outstanding after the 30 day limit. The Peerless Guarantee is void if payment for services rendered is later the 20 days. NSF cheque charge for returned cheques is $35.00. NO refunds on payments, credit only.

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