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Stop Grubs Before They Start

Peerless Turfcare can deliver you proven grub control at a reasonable cost. You don’t have to see the signs of grubs before you prevent them from chewing up your beautiful lawn. Grubs could already be in your lawn just waiting until Spring to burrow up and start feeding on tender roots. By the time the signs are visible, the damage is already done.

It Can Get Worse…

Raccoons, skunks and moles love grubs and these pests will come around, tearing up your turf to feed on them. Your beautiful lawn can be severely damaged in one season.

Protect Your Lawn

We treat your  in the late summer season (August September) and your lawn will have some protection right through the fall.  This bio-pesticide is allowed under the Provinces Pesticide Ban.  It is effective provided it is watered into the soil before and after application.

Peerless Turfcare can deliver you proven grub control at a reasonable cost.   Keep your lawn looking beautiful all season long. Contact us today and find out more on our complete lawn care program.  To receive a Free Quote, fill in this simple form now.

CLIENTS WHO WISH GRUB CONTROL – Please book with us by mid August for Grub Control Applications at end of August and early September or you may miss out on correct timing and control.

A White Grub In Dying Lawn Needs Grub Control Services From Peerless Turfcare.
Grubs in lawn, after skunks dig for them.
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