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Peerless Turfcare - Commercial-Invasive Species

Invasive Weed Control 

For control of invasive species in commercial  landscapes, Peerless Turfcare is the company to choose in the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas.  We can work directly for the property owner or manager or the commercial Landscape Maintenance Provider (the companies who cut your lawns).

Invasive Plants (a.k.a. Invasive Species)

Invasive plants are not only plants that can overcome your property and be unpleasing to look at, they can also be a threat to our ecology and even your health.  Under the Noxious Weed Act in Region of Waterloo it is your duty as a property owner or manager to treat and remove invasive and noxious weeds.  Please be aware, some of these plants are really dangerous!    For example,  Poison Ivy and Giant Hogweed are very dangerous; they can burn, sting or give you a nasty rash, sometimes leading to cancer. Not only are they dangerous for humans to be in contact with, your pets can also be harmed and pick up and carry the poisonous parts of the plants into your homes.

The solution is simple; hire Peerless Turfcare to get rid of your invasive plants and noxious weeds.   Why Peerless Turfcare?    The horticultural specialists at Peerless Turfcare have 30 years of experience dealing with these types of plants. Not only does Peerless Turfcare take the necessary precautions to safely kill all these plants, we are approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNRF) and the Ministry of Energy and Environment (MOEECC) to deal with these plants in a safe, approved and controlled manner.

In the case of Phragmites, a permit from the MNRF is required in order to treat these plants. Spraying with a special formula of Round Up is the only sure way to eradicate these plants. Plants should also be removed after spraying and we can do this as well.

And that’s not all…

Peerless Turfcare can also treat invasive weeds in the water, at your waterfront properties.  Water Soldier is an invasive aquatic plant that spreads fast and can cause serious harm to swimmers and boating.   It is important to note that the MNRF must be notified of any Water Soldier invasions.

Feel safer knowing that a licensed experienced applicator is looking after this for you.    Get a free no-obligation quote and worry no more.

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