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Aquatic Weed Spraying for Submerged Weeds in Ontario

We spray so you can play:

For 18+ years, Peerless Turfcare has provided quality aquatic weed spraying for weeds in water in ponds, lakes, marinas, and canals.

Coverage Areas:

Our coverage area ranges from the start of St Lawrence Seaway at Cornwall south to Windsor and north to Timmins, and everywhere in between.  Peerless Turfcare uses REWARD which is a very safe, effective and fast acting product.  See “before” and “after” pictures at the bottom of this page.

Annual Permits:

The MECP permit application process needs to start early in the season, as early as January to March so that we can spray in June/July.  Permits must be filled out and an application sent to the MECP and in some cases other agencies for their approval before May. This process can take months to complete.    Spraying CANNOT be done without a permit in hand as it is illegal.


For Clients on any Trent Severn Waterway controlled lakes (except Lake Simcoe, Georgian Bay or Lake Couchiching), please read first:

The Trent Severn Waterway Commission (Parks Canada), has their own fees and permits for aquatic weed spraying that go above and beyond the Ministry of Environment, Conservations and Parks (MECP) requirements.    So for these clients only, this is a two step process.
1) You will need a Parks Canada Permit (which you must apply for) and
2) you will also require a MECP permit (which we will apply for after you after you present your Parks Canada Permit to us)

For these clients only, you must arrange for your own Trent Severn Waterway (Parks Canada) permit.   So, If you already have Parks Canada water permit please contact us as we require this permit sent to us before we can apply for a MECP permit.  Note: MECP permits are submitted before March 1st in any year.

To assist you, here are the forms you will need to apply for your Parks Canada permit:

How it works:

The optimum time to spray aquatic pond weeds is in June/July. Permits dictate when we can spray. Permits specify safety requirements post application. Peerless AquaCare tends to double these security conditions.

Our product is applied from a boat and sprayed over the surface of the water.  It filters down and kills weeds which die and sink to the bottom.  The product degrades on the bottom of waterbody because it is heavier than water.  The process needs to be repeated annually.

How to get started:

There are 3 easy steps in the process. First, you will get a quote from us. The second step is filling out a permit request form, and the final step is a requirement from the Ministry of Environment, Conservations and Parks, which requires your adjacent neighbours to acknowledge they are aware you are having water weed control services. Want to be able to enjoy your waterfront this summer?  Then let’s get started! Click here to get a Free-Quote.

Expert Richard Maass on aquatic weed control.

We spray so you can play!

Other Services We Provide:

Pond Vegetation Control Phragmites and other Invasives around Ponds:

Vegetation around ponds can be treated throughout the year.   Many ponds have Phragmites E. Common Reed which is an invasive species.   By permission from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) we can control Phragmites in dry ponds dugouts or roadsides.   Get a Free Quote here.

“Before” and “After” pictures taken summer of 2018.

Before Treatment
Before Treatment
Just 2 days later
Just 2 days later

The whole reason I wanted to be on the lake, was to have fun in the sun with my family.   I can do this now that the weeds are gone.   Thank you so much!   NY, Puslinch ON.


“We can see clear lake bottom. …… most of weeds after years of spraying are gone” Dave T Cambridge

“We have never been able to swim off our dock. Now we can” Paul C. Glouster Pool Trent Severn Waterway

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