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A beautiful weed free farm land accomplished with agricultural weed control services by Peerless Turfcare.

Agricultural Weed Control

Peerless Turfcare services the weed-control needs of busy farms, whether it is spraying around hoop houses or flower beds by hand, or to cover horse pastures that are too small to service with large field sprayers, we do all of that.

We have the Agricultural license granted by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Control (MOEE&CC), which makes available to our clients, products which may be exempt from the Cosmetic Pesticide Ban of 2009.

 Our Agricultural Weed control program is intended for busy farms. Areas too big for the busy farmer to spray by hand but too small for large field equipment. For example we spray many horse pastures to reduce weeds that can be annoying to horses, this can be applied to other livestock. Weed control for around garden perimeters, to keep weeds out for flowers and crops for sale.

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