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A beautiful farm lawn and fruit trees achieved with agri care services from Peerless Turfcare

Agricultural Pesticide Spraying

Since 1993 Peerless Turfcare has provided Agricultural Pesticide Spraying for farms in and close to the Region of Waterloo.  We work with farmers to establish needs that they either are to busy to fulfill themselves or maybe aren’t capable of doing themselves. These may include spraying in and around homes or barns. We also do moderate size pasture spraying with or ATV boom sprayer.

We can do anything a farmer might need as we have an Agricultural License under the MOEE&CC pesticide licensing system.  For example, horse pastures need different products from areas around gardens and we can provide this expertise to your farm.

Agricultural Pesticide Spraying by Helicopter

Peerless Turfcare and its associate companies can arrange Helicopter Spraying for crops, Phragmities and Forestry applications.   

We support busy farms.

  • We service properties too large to do by hand but too small for the “big field equipment”.
  • We are Agriculture Licensed by the MOEE&CC.
  • We are proud to say we believe we service the largest number of Mennonite farms in the Region of Waterloo.
  • We deliver great quality work at fair prices.
  • Free inspections, consultation and quotes are available.
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